Any information about me, Jessica Swift, and my work wouldn’t be complete without first addressing my mission statement. I recognize that the work I do is a privilege and I appreciate the writers who entrust to me such an intimate part of themselves–their words. Many writers worry that an editor is going to slash their work, change all the words, and return to them a mauled and bloody manuscript that barely resembles the initial project they submitted. My editorial goal is never to make a writer’s words sound like mine: Rather, my objective is to help writers articulate their best selves and meaning. My business philosophy finds its foundation in the proven concept that a successful edit is not determined by the editor’s niche. As a result of my self-termed “nichelessness,” I am able to provide thorough, honest editing with an expert eye toward maintaining authorial voice, tone, and style while never compromising the content’s integrity or clarity.

I look forward to meeting new clients and continuing to offer the editorial services applicable in our ever-changing world of publishing.

General Information

My services include manuscript/developmental editing, copyediting, proofreading, and project management. Many of my clients are writers who seek someone who can  navigate the processes books undergo to become a reality–however that reality manifests. In my role as a publishing consultant I shepherd manuscripts through the editorial/production/printer/publishing process. Simply put, I help transform your pages into a book, in whatever form that book takes. I perform/manage all editorial responsibilities (developmental edit, line edit, proofreading, etc.); coordinate all design aspects (jacket/cover, interior design, etc.); and, if needed, manage the printing process (obtaining quotes, ensuring the book files are delivered, etc.). Other services are available (helping with distribution, listing with Amazon, copywriting, social media support).


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  1. thanks for the great post. it reminds me that i have to bring more structure into my blogging. your blog is very interesting. please let me know how to go for your rss blog.

  2. Excellent mission statement. I love the image of a mauled and bloody manuscript. That image really does crystallize what some writers fear might happen to their baby if they hand it over to someone else for editing.

  3. What Jessica says above is one of the things that originally attracted me to hire her – she ended up being that sensitive, passionate and proficient editor I needed for my book. Very happy with her work and how deeply she cares about her clients.

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