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Publishing Your Work: How, When, Why?

I’m excited to be speaking on the panel, “Publishing Your Work: How, When, Why,” on November 16 in Burlington, VT. If you can’t make it, there will be a podcast available! If you have any questions, let’s get the conversation started now! Feel free to leave questions and comments below.

The Burlington Writers Workshop

How do you know when your work is ready for publication? And, if it’s ready, how do you go about publishing it? When is the right time for you? And perhaps most importantly, with a continually shrinking pool of potential readers, why bother publishing at all?

These are some of the many questions facing writers today. To help you answer them, we’ve assembled a diverse panel of folks with experience and insight. Join us on Saturday, November 16th at 5:30 at this location for a look at the publishing world and various ways to (and reasons why you should) launch your work into the world.

We’ve got an impressive line-up of presenters. In alphabetical order, they are:

jonclinchJon Clinch: Born and raised in the remote heart of upstate New York, Jon Clinch has been an English teacher, a metalworker, a folksinger, an illustrator, a typeface designer, a housepainter, a copywriter, and an advertising executive. His…

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