Homo… What?

My love for words has been established in my previous posts. However, I think I may have underemphasized my devotion to words about words (also, punctuation terms are high on the list of “Fun Words to Think About” but that’s for another time). It is to my self-proclaimed and undeniable dorkdom (remember, I make my words up sometimes) that I dedicate this post.

I invented a game. It’s the homophone game. I know someone who thought my game was so cool that she introduced it to patrons at a bar (of all places) and they play it there. See, I am cool. (Not really.) Homophone, defined: “One of two or more words … that are pronounced the same but differ in meaning, origin, and sometimes spelling.” (Thank you, Free Online Dictionary.)

Say what? OK, the game is simple. Think really hard about words that sound the same but mean something different. Yell them out as loud as you can as soon as you think of them. Repeat. (Perfect drinking game.)


“So, I went to sow my seeds but realized I tore my hem so I had to sew it.”

“See, stand here and you will hear the sea.”

“Would you help me pick up the wood?”

“Two is too many to invite.”

There you have it. Not only are you thinking of homophones right now (you are, right?), but you also know what they’re called. (Feel smart, dontcha?)  And come on, wouldn’t you love to walk up to a stranger and ask, “Would you like to play homophone with me?”



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6 responses to “Homo… What?

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  2. I’ve got five minutes before I board the plane. Let me play!

    Our attention waned due to the late hour.

    We read the manuscript long past midnight, until our eyes turned red.

    One day, a postcard arrived telling me I’d won!

    I felt blue in spite of the sunshine and blue skies.

    The three Joans (Miller, Wilder, and Smith) arrived at the bar to meet Mrs. Jones.

    I long for those childhood days when the days seemed so long.

    It was an inadvertent slip that caused the slip to drop from her fingers and land on her slip.

    OK. Time to board. Thanks for the fun!

  3. PublishingMojo

    This lesson served to lessen my boredom.

  4. OMG TOO FUNNY! I play this game with my kids. My 8 yr old likes to quiz us on homophones. One time my 3 yo chimed in. “I know a homophone. Tweet! A birdie goes ‘tweet tweet’ and mommy ‘tweets’ on her phone and computer.”

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