Word to your…

If a picture really is worth a thousand words, how would we know? Without words to describe its worth, would said picture really have value at all?

So, I’m a wordophile. Once I started noticing the power and beauty of words—their sounds and looks and relationships to one another— I was compelled to collect them like some people amass figurines or stamps. Collecting words is just something I do. I see one I like and have to make it mine. I claim ownership by scribbling my find on a piece of paper then tacking it to the wall, my shrine showcasing each piece in the display. When I stumble over, say, “fissiparous,” its shiny newness glints at me even as I yearn to examine it like a unique specimen I’ve never before encountered. “Impecunious,” “titivate,” and “contretemps” beckon me from my office walls.

My love affair with words is not limited to their ethereal and spiritual and metaphorical value. I like “bad words,” too. A lot. In each curse lives the same powerful beauty that inhabits an ugly child—so hideous as to be eerily attractive. And think of all the images that jump to mind when someone shouts, “Fuck!” Words describing other words are amazingly satisfying, even if what they describe is considered naughty. For example: “profanity,” “oaths,” “vows,” “swears”…

That language continues to change is inspiring. “Fax” is in the dictionary. “Google” is a verb. People change. How we communicate should, too. Admittedly, I often take liberties, marrying two or (gasp!) three words into one as my needs dictate. Or creating new ones altogether. I’m allowed to schmoogle as I see fit. I’ve already outed myself as a wordophile, not an academic!

So, my blog is dedicated to words—sometimes I’ll write about them (as I did here), and sometimes I’ll simply write with them. Occasionally my writing is (self-defined) esoteric and whimsical, while other times it’s brash, crass, or just plain “me-ish.” Unapologetically, me.



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11 responses to “Word to your…

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  2. Incredible blog, Jessica! Absolutely love your love affair with words, especially the bad ones! LOL Makes me want to start collecting, too! So glad that you began a blog because you are an awesome writer! Looking forward to the next one…and the next…and the next…

  3. Amanda

    Wow. That is the best word I can pull from my limited, somewhat groggy and foggy mind at this time. You have power in your pen, and the complexity and beauty with which you express your views is eloquently intimidating, and beautiful at the same time. It makes me want to read more…to me, always the sign of an exceptional author.

  4. Tomislav

    I’m glad to see you’re writing “again”. Hopefully you’ll be warming up for something worthy of a good, deep challenge in say late 2011 / early 2012. We’ll see if I can ever battle through the trenches to get there. Until then, keep warming up that pen!

  5. Darling JGirl-
    How do we love FUCK? Let me count the ways. Hey, at least I didn’t hashtag it.

    Kudos for starting a blog, woman. And for not shying away from the words we actually use in real life (except for some of those fancy words you listed–have fun using those in a sentence, girl).

    We don’t say f**k, so don’t write f**k, people. #petpeeve

    Aw, man. I did hashtag it.


  6. sharon Lamb

    What the “FUCK” =) Loved your poetic, almost musical use of the language. Keep your passion alive !!!!!

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  8. Yeah! I love words too! Words have the power to change the world. Books are banned because of their power. All the way back to Euripides poets were exiled for treason due to nothing but a turn of phrase. Words have the power to inspire, incite and infiltrate the mind.

    I love that we have a growing, changing lexicon. It’s one of the exciting things about American English. Other languages attempt to retain some kind of order, Americans just let it flow. How else would words like bromance and shiznit have come into being? I make up words all the time (much to the distress of my BETA readers). My favorite one was “fractate” but my editor wouldn’t let me use it. 🙂

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